Ultrapure water system (reverse osmosis)

Ultrapure (demineralized) water is obtained by retaining the minerals in the water through a reverse osmosis membrane and then completely demineralizing the water through deionization filters. After demineralization, a purity of 0 ppb is achieved, which means that only pure water molecules are present.

Environmentally friendly thorough cleaning method

This is a great advantage when cleaning because the water molecules have a great capacity to bind dirt. In addition, no chemicals are required, which makes the method environmentally friendly. Dispensing with harsh cleaning agents has the advantage that no detergents remain on the surfaces that can bind new dirt, so the surfaces stay clean longer. This method is also gentle on surfaces and is also used by UNION building management to manage sensitive surfaces.

Mobile cleaning system

To increase the benefits of ultrapure water, we use a mobile hot water system in which the demineralized water is heated to 80°C. With the hot water, dirt is removed even better and faster.

Cost-effective maintenance of tall buildings

For cleaning with ultrapure water at great heights, we use long poles over which the water is directed. With our system, a height of 25 meters can be reached without lifting platforms and complicated road closures – saving our customers time and money. We like to use this system when cleaning windows and frames of tall buildings.

Uses of the cleaning system

The ultrapure water system (osmosis) is used for glass cleaning, frame cleaning, facade cleaning and blind cleaning.

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