Steam system

The steam system is a highly effective and efficient process for gently and thoroughly cleaning different types of surfaces and disinfecting them at the same time.

Deep pore cleaning

With the aid of powerful steam generators, 180°C hot dry steam enters the smallest joints and cracks at a pressure of 8-10 bar and thus dissolves any dirt, ensuring thorough cleaning. This type of cleaning is gentle on all surfaces, as no surface-attacking chemicals are used, and no additional external force has to be applied.

Sensitive surface cleaning

Cleaning with dry steam can also be used for sensitive surfaces such as silk carpets or upholstered furniture.

Surface-friendly and chemical-free disinfection

Surfaces can also be disinfected with hot steam. No addition of chemical cleaning agents is necessary. Many germs form resistance to cleaning agents, which is why cleaning with dry steam is much more effective. Without the use of cleaning agents, no detergents remain on the surfaces, which can impair the disinfection result.

Vacuuming of dissolved dirt

In addition to cleaning and disinfecting with dry steam, we use steam vacuum cleaners and with this, the dissolved dirt is extracted directly. The hot steam dissolves the dirt, which is then removed with the help of special nozzles. The surfaces remain dry after cleaning.

Cleaning system in practice

The steam system is used for maintenance cleaning, facade cleaning, office cleaning, practice cleaning, carpet cleaning, parking garage cleaning, kitchen cleaning and chewing gum and graffiti removal.