Maintenance cleaning

Maintenance cleaning provides ongoing and regular cleaning and ensures continuous quality and hygiene in rooms. When cleaning, we only use environmentally friendly cleaning agents that are organic or have an EU Ecolabel environmental label. A clean and hygienic environment can help the company protect and improve its professional image, as well as extend the life of your investment. It also contributes to the well-being of the employees and visitors. Our staff is trained and has many years of experience in maintenance cleaning.

Chemical-free cleaning with high hygiene requirements

In buildings with strict hygiene requirements, we employ a steam system without the use of harsh chemicals, ensuring surfaces are routinely disinfected. This applies to hospitals, operating rooms, clinics, medical practices, kindergartens, yoga practice rooms, food production facilities and nursing homes.

We are flexible and can create an individual cleaning plan for you that is tailored to your requirements and needs.

Quality control

We have satisfied customers and look forward to their positive feedback and recommendations. Our high level of quality is always maintained through our top-notch Quality Control Team.