Facade cleaning

With pollutants in the air such as biological pollution and environmental damage, no building remains intact and unscathed in the long run. Professional cleaning of the facade of a building is therefore of significant importance. It is necessary that the proper cleaning method is chosen depending on the facade material of the building. After a detailed analysis of the type of pollution affecting your building, we will use a cleaning method that effectively removes the dirt and is gentle on the facade.

Gentle and chemical-free cleaning of facade surfaces

We primarily use ultrapure water from reverse osmosis to clean facades. During this process, we clean with demineralized hot water - by using long pipes and specialised equipment, facade surfaces up to a height of 25 meters (6 floors) can be cleaned without the use of lifting platforms. We use the same method when the height is above 25 meters and reach the area to be cleaned through roof gondolas or other methods that are available in the building.

Our special facade brushes gently remove dirt from the surfaces with the aid of the demineralized hot water. The ultrapure water (only H2O molecules) binds safely dirt and grime, making it a highly effective cleaning method without the use of chemicals. The advantage of using hot water (80°C) during this process is that the dirt and pollutants can be loosened more easily.

Regular cleaning and maintenance

With regular cleaning of the facade using the reverse osmosis process, the facade stays clean for a longer time, as detergents from other chemical cleaning agents do not adhere to the surface and subsequently quickly bind new dirt. Our process achieves a lower cost of operation with longer cleaning intervals.

Concrete, stone, plaster, and brick facade cleaning

For porous facade surfaces such as brick, stone, plaster and concrete facades, the grime seeps into the open pores. Here we use a low-pressure process with superheated water at 150°C to ensure that the dirt and impurities are pulled out and rinsed and not pushed deeper into the pores.

Removing stubborn dirt from facades

If a facade has not been cleaned for many years, dirt, grime, and pollutants can accumulate in several layers. In this case we use a steam recovery system where impurities are gently loosened with special nozzles using hot steam (180°C and 10 bar) and then safely removed during the cleaning process. The use of hot steam recovery cleaning is more costly, which is why regular cleaning is better for a company financially in the long run.