Chewing gum and graffiti removal

When it comes to chewing gum and graffiti removal, it is important that a safe and environmentally friendly method is used. We use a unique steam and vacuum system that is a highly effective and efficient process. This modern system quickly removes chewing gum and graffiti without damaging the surface underneath.

Gently remove chewing gum and graffiti

The removal of gum and graffiti is done using 180°C superheated dry steam, delivered using a steam generator with integral steam removal. With the aid of the steam and removal system, chewing gum and graffiti are removed from the surface by the heat of the steam and sucked off at the same time. It can remove up to 700 chewing gum pieces per hour. As much as is possible, no chemicals are used in the removal process. If any chemicals are needed (mostly when removing metal-based spray paint), we use environmentally friendly materials.

Applying an anti-graffiti coating

If desired, an anti-graffiti coating can be applied to the surface after the graffiti has been removed. This protects sensitive surfaces so that new graffiti can be removed more easily and quickly.