Carpet cleaning

Carpets are a key element of the ambience of a building adding colour and enhancing decor. If they are no longer clean, this has an impact on the overall feeling of a space and also on the health of employees and visitors.

Effective and gentle cleaning solutions

To clean carpets, we use a generator with a steam/vacuum system (steam temperature 180°C, working pressure 10 bar) with an integrated removal system and attached special nozzles to protect carpets and fibres. The steam loosens dirt and impurities, which are then completely removed from the carpets.

Thorough cleanliness of sensitive materials

The result is thorough deep cleaning as well as germ-free results. This process is an excellent way to clean delicate materials such as silk carpets or high-quality upholstered furniture. In addition, the carpets look like new again after this type of cleaning!