Blind cleaning

External blinds are exposed every day to different environmental impacts, dust, exhaust gases and biological pollution, which can impair their function as sun protection systems. Regular and professional cleaning of the blinds is important to maintaining a healthy and clean working environment.

Innovative maintenance of external blinds

We use the roller brush system to clean all types of external blinds, providing an innovative process for cleaning blinds gently and in a way that preserves their value and extends their service life. The rotating roller brushes are used to thoroughly clean both the top and bottom of the slats as well as the tension and ladder strips.

Residue-free cleaning of all slat sizes

The cleaning of the bands is of great importance because permanent soiling on these can decompose under UV radiation. Our roller brush method offers excellent cleaning results for all slat sizes on the market. Demineralized water is fed to the brushes, which ensures residue-free cleaning and drying of the slats.